Mikkogroup perfection and print technology

"Mikko Group" - products and technologies. Direct and transfer metallization of paper, film, cardboard, injection molding extrusion with lamination. Production of multilayer laminates, self-adhesive foil and embossing. Printing: offset, rotogravure, flexo, stencil, and combined types. Production of raw materials for printing, and printing products - paper and self-adhesive labels, cardboard and flexible packaging products, aluminum foil.


The last two years of intensive technical progress already brought significant results. Delivered mass production of metallized paper and self-adhesive materials, plans other resource projects. It is the next step - the modernization of the commercial sector group. Based on a new foundation created opportunities for new long-term victories in the market, there were sufficient benefits in pricing policy and technical superiority.

We consider all forms of cooperation in the formation of regional partnerships. How much time to pay and what to get from this income - depends on you and your abilities, because work for remote access will allow you to engage in activities of divers.

We invite to mutually advantageous cooperation of businesses and individuals, with a personal touch to the conditions of the agreements.