Mikkogroup perfection and print technology

"Mikko Group" - products and technologies. Direct and transfer metallization of paper, film, cardboard, injection molding extrusion with lamination. Production of multilayer laminates, self-adhesive foil and embossing. Printing: offset, rotogravure, flexo, stencil, and combined types. Production of raw materials for printing, and printing products - paper and self-adhesive labels, cardboard and flexible packaging products, aluminum foil.

Company History

     Mikko Group is a group of Companies for the production of printed material. The main activity of the group is production of magazines and books, paper, stationery, adhesive label, offset label, packing.
The modern technologies of printing, are introduced in manufacture, allow us to provide a high-quality production for our Customers. The International Standardization System of Quality Control ISO 9001, operational experience (more than 15 years on the polygraphic market) and worked out logistic, applied in the Company allow to satisfy the quality, term and price requirements of the most sophisticated client.
The products produced on the advanced European equipment with the participation of German experts, allow us to fulfill an order any level of polygraphical or constructive complexity.
     You can choose the format of the production, paper, poligraphical performance at your own wish or our specialists can help you to choose, according to subject-matter of your product, range and economical reasons.
The price of delivery depends on range, poligraphical performance and circulation.  We offer to our clients high quality with competitive price.
Our specialists will help you to find the optimal parameters of quality and price of the order. We have an individual approach to each customer.
     The technical abilities of our enterprise allow us to give the fullest range of services: offset printing, metallization of paper or board, print on metallized paper or board, the different sorts of UV- lacquering, the different sorts of foil stamping (hot, cold), hot stamping, die-cutting, lamination, stamping with inverting frame using an automatic image registration and control system in cutting.
     Our Customers as for today are leading enterprises of Ukraine and Russia: Publishing House “Family Spare Time Club”, “Mikko”, “Makhaon” TM “Dexi” corporative clients Craft Foods Ukraine, Coca-Cola Bevergis Ukraine, Confectionery Corporation “Roshen”, Public Corporation “Baltika”, Subsidiary Enterprise Imege-Holding (Liquor Producer  Khortitsa), Henkel Bautechnic Ukraine, “Nestle Ukraine”. 

  • 1994 – established the first printing factory sheetfed
  • 1998 – a complete re-profiling on the production of sheet labels
  • 2000 – the launch of a new plant in Ukraine (Kharkov)
  • 2003 – outfitting bookbinding products production
  • 2004 – start of production role of materials and self-adhesive labels
  • 2006 – precast packages fitting up
  • 2010 – start of "Mikko" publishing house and hardcovers books release 
  • 2011 – start of self-adhesive materials production
  • 2011 – the launch of a new plant in Russia (Belgorod)
  • 2012 – start of production metallization paper and films, retrofit production of self-adhesive materials and the production of sheet of paper labels in Russia
  • 2012 – Start of production barrier materials by casting extrusion in Kharkiv
  • 2012 – fitting up production of gravure printing, laminating composite materials, the start of production of sheet labels foil and role BOPP labels in Kharkov
  • 2013 – start of own brands consumer goods production - stationery, disposable tableware, bags, etc..